As difficult as a funeral or memorial can be, we believe it is still a time that should be special for the family. Music helps soothe the soul and provide an atmosphere of comfort and reflection when celebrating the life of your loved one.

What we provide:

  • A beautiful flow of piano music while guests and loved ones enter, greet each other, and pay their respects.
  • We try and work with the minister to develop a more inspirational and peaceful service with the use of music.
    • music behind speaking, prayers and other moments.
    • Help create a seamlessness of the service with a constant flow of music. We usually familiarize ourselves with every aspect of the service to make sure we are ready to play for any “break” in the service(between speakers or sacraments)
  • Almost any musical request is a possibility, just ask.

Where we can serve:

  • Churches
  • Funeral Homes
  • Graveside Services (Have you ever seen a piano at a burial service before? With portable power we make it happen)

Funerals and Memorials are not something we plan for, or enjoy planning, for that matter. Let us take care of this aspect for you. It helps to have someone that can come in and provide phenomenal service with a short window for preparation, sometimes immediate. This is where our talents really make a difference.

Our objective is solely to provide an atmosphere of peace, hope, and comfort for the family, loved ones, and friends.

Our Prices:

Funeral/Memorial Service (1hr)

Starting at $150

Wake/Viewing (2-4hrs)

Starting at $250

Value Package (Wake+Funeral)

Starting at $375

*We offer competitive pricing and can customize a package to fit any budget.

Let's talk ( Contact Us:)

Give us a call or drop us an email and we can get started immediately with preparations, details, and cost.

We're glad to be of service to you at difficult times,